This documentation is the orinal documentation for Viking. For a more comprehensive introduction we recommend this guide organized by Andrea Bordt based on documentation from the Marc Lab Annotation Fest.


The first step in using the Viking Annotation System is to install the software on a PC. Write permissions will require a user login and password assigned by the Marclab connectomics administrator. Every time Viking is launched thereafter it will automatically check for and install any updates. By default Viking will open the RC1 rabbit dataset or the last used dataset. To choose different datasets, examine the Viking dropdown list, enter new URL or see the Volumes page.

On startup a small window will appear as Viking downloads the transforms required to warp each image into the volume. Afterwards the main window appears after a short delay. The window has two fields. On left is a tabbed field that initially shows a list of available slices. Double-click a number to open that slice. By default Viking uses tiles and transforms optimized for internet use.