Version Information



  • Fix: Updated the server URL’s used by the “Find Volumes” button on the login page



  • Fix: Do not crash when using F11 to jump to a structure that has an annotation on a section that is no longer in the volume.



  • Fix: Continuing an annotation shows the annotation at the original location when it should show at the mouse cursor position



  • Fix: Deleting a location and then continuing a trace would crash Viking

  • Fix: Starting to add a linked location, changing sections, and placing the annotation resulted in the annotation being in the wrong place

  • In TileGridToVolumeMapping.MinimizeMapping now also calls the base class’s implementation to free up more memory

  • Removed a circular reference in AdjacentSectionAnnotationsView to help garbage collection



  • Fixed a bug where transforms updated on the server would not be detected by the Viking client

  • Changed the curve calculation code to not overly define curves when points are within 0.25 pixels

  • Minor optimization to remove tiles without textures from the drawing pipeline earlier. Useful in rare cases where too many tiles are requested.



  • Preserve scale bar visibility across Viking restarts

  • Fixed polygonal annotations not being rendered when control points were translated or resized if the scale bar was visible.



  • Fixed Volume URL rapidly changing values on logon dialog in certain circumstances.

  • Fixed incorrect measurement with measurement tool introduced in 1.1.271

  • Fixed annotations not being rendered when translated or resized if the scale bar was visible.



  • Added a scale bar:
    • Display can be toggled in the measurement overlay.

    • Use the measure tool if the exact length must be known because the scale bar does not account for local distortion.

  • Fixed a bug preventing selection of an annotation on an adjacent section that was drawn in the hole of a polygonal annotation

  • Possibly improved error messages when authentication server is down



Existing installations will see an error when upgrading to this version. Users must uninstall and reinstall Viking. Security improvements broke the auto-upgrade ability of previously installed versions. Future versions should upgrade normally.

  • Improved the security of the binaries installed on users machines
    • Viking uses an SSL connection to download the binaries.

    • Viking application and deployment manifests are now signed with a certificate.

  • Holding SHIFT during a measurement uses a perfectly horizontal line (useful for figure scale bars)


  • Moved many async tasks to use the Task.Run() semantics. Some of the old calls were made using BeginInvoke on the main thread so a performance increase was seen.


  • Fixed the test for XNA installation. A message now pops up correctly if XNA is not installed.

  • Structure Links now default to bidirectional when created between structures with the same type, i.e. Gap junctions, Adherens, etc…

  • Locations can now be tagged using Hotkeys. These hotkeys exist for these use semantics:

    • Shift + X : Terminal. Used at the tip of a fine process. Typically found at the boundaries of a cells receptive field.

    • Shift + V : Vericosity cap. Used at the top of a “Stack of coins” that marks the top or bottom of a vericosity. Distinct from the tip of a process marking the boundaries of the cell.

    • Shift + U : Untraceable. A process marked Untraceable may or may not continue, but the user is unable to continue with the information available.

    • Note that “Off Edge” flag found in the context menu also applies when a cell exits the volume. It does not have a hotkey yet.


  • Added a “Find Volumes” button to the login UI.

  • Added support for viewing Open Connectome Project volumes


  • Added context menu for locations to copy the ID into the clipboard. This is useful to use to navigate to location in Tulip when rendering morphology.

  • Made exception catches when loading textures more specific in hopes of obtaining more informative bug reports for rare Acccess Violation.


  • Only visible annotations are loaded from the server


  • Reverted changes that used Microsoft.SqlServer.Types due to deployment error which I cannot investigate fully at this time

  • Added chevron arrow to animated structure links

  • Changed lines colors used when creating structure links.

  • Fixed issue where invisbile adjacent section locations which were overlapped by locations on the current section could still be selected.

  • Improved logic to determine if a proposed LocationLink or StructureLink is valid. This prevents linking child structures to their parents.

  • Fixed issue where two structure links were created for each structure link.


  • Lines and Adjacent location indicators now use HSL blending to make details under the line more visible

  • Animated Structure Links are now longer to make the direction more apparent.

  • Preview feature, Hitting “L” enables one to add a curve which will not be saved. Hit Esc to exit the command.


  • Fixed crash when paging sections very fast


  • Tweaks to reduce memory footprint

  • Updated installer to install the .NET 4.6 framework


  • Changed the selection of structure links to require the point fall within the line segment between the linked locations.


  • Fixed merge structures returning an error


  • Detect changes to files in and correctly update viking


  • Free memory more aggressively when changing sections


  • Shift+X now toggles the “Terminal” flag on the location under the mouse

  • Locations marked Terminal do not render on adjacent sections

  • Cleanup up the selection of locations on adjacent sections


  • Fixed problem with missing DLL’s in deployment

  • Optimized drawing code for annotations to take advantage of RTree

  • Increased maximum downloadable graph size to fix sections, RC1 #240, with too many annotations


  • Fixed (hopefully) bugs involved with commands not exiting correctly

  • Switched to RTree, for more accurate selection of structures in the UI.


  • Viewing annotations with the volume transform disabled shows them in the incorrect position


Fixed a bug where the resize command was launching the move command (the default) for the selected location after exit.



  • Added ability for hotkey commands to automatically add tags to new structures via WebAnnotationUserSettings.xml file

    • Ctrl+R : Create new ribbon post-synapse with “Bipolarâ€�, “Ribbonâ€�, “Glutamateâ€� tags.

    • Ctrl+S : Create new conventional post-synapse with “Conventionalâ€� tag.

    • Ctrl+B : Create new conventional glutamatergic post-synapse with “Bipolarâ€�, “Conventionalâ€�, “Glutamateâ€� tags.

  • Added support for hotkey commands to toggle structure attributes on/off. Users can place the mouse over a structure and hit the hotkey to toggle one the following tags:

    • Shift+C - Conventional

    • Shift+E - Glutamate

    • Shift+G - Glycine

    • Shift+P - Peptide

    • Shift+R - Ribbon

    • Shift+T - Tyrosine Hydroxylase

    • Shift+Y - GABA

    Mappings and tags can be customized on the server by editing the WebAnnotationUserSettings.xml file


  • The measurement tool now reports two values when a volume transform is applied. The volume distance is the distance as it appears on the screen. The mosaic distance is measured after transforming the origin points into mosaic space which does not have the additional distortion of the slice-to-volume transformations.


  • Mapped Home key to rounding the downsample to nearest integer value

  • Use UTC time when checking cache validity.